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Robin Hood Icons + Graphics

Robin Hood Icons
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:handwaves: Place for Robin Hood pretty graphics, primarily focussed on the BBC series. All pairings, we're gen, het and slash friendly.

Use decent headers, warn for spoilers, not safe for work, rape, bdsm, fluffy puppies, etc.

Icons, graphics, wallpaper, you name it, post away. All spoilers must be behind a cut-tag (see lj faq for this), as must all graphics bigger than 300 pixels width. Icon posts, please do the '4 as an example' and the rest behind a cut-tag. All pairings - we're slash, het and gen friendly.

Flames will be either deleted or highlighted for mocking. Trolls will be given to Sir Guy to play with. Questions, ask the list mod burntcopper. Don't waste my flist or yours with introductory posts.